The Story


Since I was little I have always watched my mom cook and bake at home.  She would always say she was "Switchin in the Kitchen".  My mom always cooked cakes, cookies and pies for holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas it was always good to have some of "Sweet Lue's" Treats. 

Once my mom allowed me in her kitchen, that's when the fire ignited in me. All I began to do was bake cakes. In January 2010 my mom passed away from ovarian cancer.  Before my mom passed away,  I shared with her some recipes that I wanted us to make together. While her health declined due to her illness, she encouraged me to continue to bake on my own and said "Remember everything I taught you and you will be fine, you will do great and  you will find your niche in life".  

After losing my job later that year all I could do was hear my mom say, "remember everything I taught you" By hearing those words, it encouraged me to go one. My mom believed in me until the very end,.  And because of that,
it gave me the strength to go on.  

It wasn't until September 2011 I began to bake again. I started taking classes with Wilton Cake Decorating where I can say I had a GREAT instructor by the name of Marisa.  Ms. Marisa saw a gift in me when I didnt see the gift myself. She encouraged me to continue by dream, and Im glad she did.  After taking classes with Wilton, I  began an internship in March of 2012 under the tutelage of Lisa Hackman of Sweet Grace Cake Design. I am also inspired by cake artists such as Elisa Strauss of Confetti cakes and Shawna McGreevy of McGreevy Cakes, Colette Petters of Collets Cakes and Marina Sousa of Just Cake they are awesome and such a great inspiration. 

Sweet Lue's Cake Studio has done cakes for celebrity cake artists, featured in the New York Times, has been featured as Artist of the week for  PhiNuOmega_AKA Chapter on Instagram and is also an Artisan Featured on the Ms Creative CEO Presents Series on Michaels and also 7th Place Quarter Finalist in the Greatest Baker Contest.

Through this whole experience, my family and friends have been very supportive in making this dream of mine come true.  Thank you all for your love and support.


Tomyka (Sweet Lue)

My mom Lue, affectionately known as "Sweet Lue" and me as a baby.